In the body with legs that should walk on the ground a seed was planted that hopes to bloom in the sky. This beautiful tragedy is our beginning. I dream of the horizon today as well.


When you’re confused by ignorance or when you’re nervous by impatience meditate on a blue star shining peacefully and gracefully enduring the hottest flame in its heart.


The reason why the denominator in a fraction cannot be zero is that the division by zero is the moment of God It becomes infinite so undefined If it takes no time the velocity becomes infinite If the velocity is infinite he and she is anywhere

The subject

Shadow doesn’t know he is a shadow Echo doesn’t know she is an echo It might be better for them not to know the truth If they realize it they would be lost in longing for the subject in longing for the first voice

A sentence

A life is like a sentence written on the sand beach After the waves wipe out which come from the abyss every part of the sentence is erased The subject, the verb, the object that sustained the existence of it and the adjective, the adverb that colored the meaning of it all is erased Only … Read more

If I die today

If I die today I want to take one last look at grandma’s gentle smile. Then, standing toward the east where the sun rises staring straight at the majestic light I want to lose my sight gradually.After losing sight completely I want to listen to my favorite folk song one last time. Then, if possible, … Read more

The wind

Sometimes I feel hug and kiss are not enough my dear please just breathe deeply sometimes Keeping pace with your tempo I will inhale when you exhale when you inhale I will exhale Through the wind of breath let me truly know and feel the words “We are one”


  The momentary first sunlight after the rain was what I regarded as the only beauty in the world When I realized her promises had all been just lies my oldest innocent finally collapsed. Scattered debris doesn’t dream of anything else anymore Shall be shattered, be shattered to the everlasting